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Crystals - Clear 4mm (Pack of 100)

Crystals - 4mm Round Flat Back - Clear


Supplied separately for to you stick wherever you want on the invites and how many you want on each one is up to you.


Tips for sticking the crystals onto your invitations.
Use a craft glue with a small nozzle and make sure its a clear drying glue. Glue should be suitable for paper and plastic.

Only use a very small amount of glue otherwise it will leak out the sides.Use tweezers to hold the crystal while gluing and then place onto the invites


Note - Image pictured is not to scale.

Crystals - Clear 4mm (Pack of 100)
  Design Colour - Clear

Design:  Crystals - Clear
Code:  cr01_4mm
Size:  4mm Diameter
Price:  $4.60 (Pack of 100)
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